Bringing Steam Weeding
Services to Australia


The Benefits of

Is chemical free

Is safe to use in proximity to public areas such as parks, playgrounds and schools

Is safe to use around environmentally sensitive areas such as waterways and wildlife habitats

Has no spray drift

Reduces complaints from residents, safe for children and pets

Can be effectively operated in all weather conditions

Depletes the weed seed bank


Steam weeding is a completely organic and chemical free solution to controlling weeds. With no danger to people or the environment and no potential for harmful spray drift.

Cost Effective​

Our steam weeding equipment uses a patented saturated steam technology which is highly effective in eradicating weeds. It is the quickest and most affordable organic system of weed control.


Steam weeding is truly sustainable in the long term. It represents a paradigm shift towards an ecologically sound future without causing harm to people or the environment.

Why use
steam weeding?



Our Satisfied Customers

“Kinan spent an hour in our yard and got through an amazing amount of weeds. All the garden beds around the back were covered in weeds, the gravel areas around the front and the cracks in the concrete and paved areas. He even managed to get through all our fence lines and house edges. That’s saved us an impossible amount of hand weeding.”
Tracy L.
“Kinan steam weeded in the paved areas around our pool and then the rest of our property. I am so happy that I have found a solution that’s safe for me and my family.”
Karen J.
“Steam weeding works much better than the Roundup which I’ve been using for years. The weeds die off quicker and with better results and it seems to last a lot longer too.”
Brian D.
“Steam weeding was very effective. It was an instant reaction. All the weeds were dead, there and then. When I use herbicides I always have to worry about it washing off if it’s going to rain.”
Trevor E.